Author Coaching Service

How’s your book coming along? Are you stuck? Have you lost your motivation? Maybe you’ve got your first draft completed, polished and now what?

I’ve always thought that writing the book was the hardest part. You’ve poured a piece of yourself onto the page. Whether it’s fiction or non-fiction, there is still a huge part of yourself in the tone, the voice and choice of words.Bestseller  blocks It’s an intangible part of you.

Sometimes authors experience procrastination or just plain get stuck. It doesn’t always have to do with writers block but more to do with planning and lack of knowing what to do next.

As an author coach I not only listen to my authors challenges but because of my knowledge of the publishing and marketing processes, help them devise a clear plan to get their books completed. Sometimes this means choosing the right person to edit their manuscript. Or finding an illustrator to design the perfect cover. Maybe help in  clarifying just who their target reader is and developing a marketing strategy for promoting their book. Whatever it is, I’m here as a sounding board, a resource and accountability partner.

If you are struggling with your manuscript or need help to navigate the publishing process, please give me a call. Let’s talk about your needs and see what we can do to keep you moving along the right path to your manuscript’s completion, getting your book published and create a marketing plan! You can contact me by email at or via phone at 303.347.2923.