Better Tweets – 3 Easy Steps

Step 1 – The Hook

As an author you know you need to utilize your social media networks to promote your books. Twitter is one of those at the top of all social media networks. But maybe you’re not sure how to leverage 140 characters to market your book. How do you create a tweet that gets attention?

The most important part of your tweet is the hook, the text that gets the reader’s attention. Always use an active voice for your hook.


Passive: Do you want to learn to write better Tweets?

Active: Write better Tweets in 3 easy steps.

Tweets that readers can respond to either physically (by clicking on a link) or emotionally (I need that!) get more attention.

A book tweet should have a physical link that your reader can click. This link should take the reader to you sales page, book review, your website or Amazon page. Beware! Links typically take up 22 characters of your allotted 140. You’ll need to shorten the link via or

Step 2 – Twitter Handles and Hashtags

Twitter handles are proceeded by the “@” sign and followed by a Twitter users name i.e., “@AuthorAssistant”. If you are quoting another
Twitter user it’s good etiquette to mention their Twitter handle in your tweet.

Hashtags are important because they serve as keywords or phrases for your Tweet. Hashtags are preceded by the “#” symbol. Also note that there are no spaces between words in hashtags. Spaces take up part of your allotted character count. Hashtags serve as searchable tags or keywords for specific tweets of subjects. For example you could search for the hashtag #bookmarketing or #books.

Select your hashtags carefully and make them relevant to your tweet content. To promote your book think along the lines of the keywords you use in your website SEO (search engine optimization).

Don’t over use hashtags. As a rule limit your hashtags to only 2 or 3 per tweet. Remember they take up precious characters in your tweet.

Step 3 – Add Pictures

Tweets with pictures get more exposure. It’s that simple. We are visual beings and “a picture is worth a thousand words”. It goes without
saying that your picture needs to be relevant to your tweet.

To summarize, the parts of the good tweet are the hook, the hashtag, Twitter handle (if you’re quoting someone or retweeting) and pictures. Happy tweeting!


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