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4 Solid Tips To Help You Write a Book That Sells

Here’s the popular author scenario –

You have an idea for a book. You tell your spouse, they love it and he/she urges you to write it. Feeling confident you tell your mom and dad about your idea – they love it and urge you to write it. Now you’re empowered so you talk with your girlfriends/coworkers, they think you’d be the perfect one to write this book and tell you “go for it! We’re so proud of you!”

First of all this NOT research. While you might have a great idea for a book before you start tapping those computer keys you need to do your research, real research via Google and any other search tool you have at your fingertips.

First things first –

Has someone else written a book on your topic? If so, how long ago was it written? If it’s been a few years there’s a chance they didn’t include some new information and you could write a book on the same topic with a different spin on it and include the latest information.

Logical steps –

There are hundreds of steps to not only writing a book that will sell but also hundreds of ways for today’s authors to build a solid platform from which to sell their books.
Whether you’re writing a novel, a self-help book or your very first informational ebook, these steps are necessary to write your book so that it has the very best chance to sell among the thousands that are uploaded to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, IBooks, Kindle, Nook, etc.

The Steps –

1. Test the market first.
Take time to survey your audience. If you are lucky enough to already have an email subscriber list, contact your subscribers. Ask them for their feedback on your idea (topic), what do they want to know and most important, would they pay for the book?

If you don’t have an email subscriber list then consider creating a squeeze page on your website (don’t forget to have a subscription option to get that email address!), write a blog post asking for comments, utilize your social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.).

2. Tough questions for you.
Why are your writing this book? What is the core purpose? Do you have a compelling message to share? Perhaps you have some important research to add to your topic. Do you to make money? Have an extra income? Do you want attention or notoriety for writing a book? Get very serious about your purpose and your message.

3. Leave out the kitchen sink.
Don’t overwhelm your reader. Look closely at your topic and zero-in on a specific area to work from. If you know what your audience is hungry for this shouldn’t be a problem for you.

4. Be professional.
Create a professional book. This one tip alone will make or break your book sales. Have your book professionally edited. Get a great cover designer. Even if you’re creating an ebook, you still need a compelling book cover. Have your book professionally formatted, not just a Word file you created with headers and foots. Hire someone to make it look awesome. Ebooks are a lot more complex than you might think. It takes someone who works with ebook formats to get your ebook to look great across all the current readers.

Following these simple tips you can create a book or ebook with great potential to become a best seller. These tips are just the beginning. You need to plan your platform, create a marketing strategy and follow through with the promotion side to sell your book. More to come on these topics in future posts.


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