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Is SEO Dead?

In a word – no.

However, it has changed and continues to change. Let’s take a quick look at keywords. The old fashioned “keyword”, while still a viable search engine optimization tool, has now morphed into hashtags on the various social media networks. Twitter started the hashtag and Facebook has recently added the hashtag to make searching posts easier.

*Hashtags for Facebook are noted with a # symbol and a word or phrase, no spaces.

How do you search on Google or Bing or whatever search tools you favor? Do you use a single word like “leadership” or do you use a phrase like “leadership books” or “leadership conferences”? Most likely if you’re looking for a leadership conference in your city or state you would use a phrase like “leadership conferences in Denver, Colorado”. You might even further define your search to include dates such as “In February 2014”.

Something to think about – long-tail keywords or phrases.


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November 21, 2013 · 12:45 pm