What Social Media Accounts Should An Author Have?

Social media is the best, quickest and cheapest (totally free most of the time) way to promote your book, your brand and build your readership. I totally agree. Unfortunately I see authors who have accounts for everySocial-Media-Icons conceivable social media venue there is, Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, BookBuzzr, WordPress blog, YouTube, Google +, etc. But “should” you have an account set up with every new social media venue that pops up? Not necessarily.

I understand the need to promote your book and brand and to build a readership but as with the old marketing tactic of sending a physical letter to an unvalidated list, this is the new concept of “shotgun marketing”. Just hit as many social media sites as possible and hope for the best!

Then there is the question of time, do you have the “time” to keep up each site so that you maximize your investment? Most likely no. Here I would defer to “quality over quantity”. Give your precious time to a few sites by providing quality information and building meaningful relationships with your readers. Your readers will jump in and help you promote your book and brand by word of mouth marketing, still the best way to market anything.

Social Media Venues for Authors –

I strongly believe that you can as little as 3 or 4 social media accounts and reap great rewards. Facebook has so many options and opportunities for authors through Fan pages and event notifications that it’s truly worth the time it takes. Plus Facebook integrates with blogs and a host of other social media venues quite easily.

Social Media Musts –

  1. Facebook (author page and book Fan page)
  2. Blog (WordPress is easiest)
  3. Twitter
  4. Google + (this is growing quickly, easy to use and similar to Facebook)

Set up a system where you can maintain each site for only minutes each day. With a little planning and an account at HootSuite.com you can save a lot of time and still connect with your readers.

If you need assistance, then hire an author’s assistant to help you keep your social media accounts current.


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