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What comes first, your book or your author platform?

Ideally you should be building your author platform prior to the launch of your book. Unfortunately, most authors are consumed with the book writing process then the manuscript polishing, editing, formatting, book cover design, etc.

Once you have clarity about your book, whether it’s the plot for your fiction novel or the message of your fiction book, you should start immediately and simultaneously building your author platform. You can begin to build the “buzz” you need in your target readership and ramp up interest and hopefully sales prior to the launch.

So what is an author platform? Briefly (because this will be cover in subsequent posts) it’s your branding as an author and the branding for your book. You should have the following:

– Website – 5 pages, about you the author, about your book, media page, order page, contact form page. You can add additional pages for example, a integration page for your blog.

– Social media venues – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and your blog just to name a few. You might consider adding a YouTube account for your book trailer or for informational videos you may wish to produce.

*Social media is a powerful tool for new authors. The cost is nil and your time is the biggest investment.

I love this quote from Dan Poynter’s book, Successful Nonfiction

“Writing a book is a creative act.
A finished book is a product.
Selling a book is a business.”

Quick Tip: Once you have your title and subtitle selected, get a front cover designed. You can use the graphic of your front cover to promote your book on your website, in Facebook posts, Tweets and in your signature line for emails. Start building that brand!


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