Writing Resolutions

As I do every year I make a slew of resolutions. Some actually stick, some just dissolve instantly. My biggest goal this year to make my writing a priority. I have had a hiatus of sorts last year due to circumstances that got out of control (that’s another blog post). So this year I’m back on track, blogging, Tweeting and sharing my knowledge with authors once again.

I have kept a journal since 1973 so writing has been an integral part of my daily life. I have missed it so. I’ve begun to get back into daily writing slowly but now it’s time to set some goals. My overall resolution for writing in 2013 is “Just Do It!” and below are my goals to achieve this:

  • Make time every day in my schedule, note it on my calendar, to write. Not just for 5 minutes here or there, but a substantial time commitment of 60 minutes all in one sitting.
  • Always carry a notebook and pen with me (or my tablet or use EverNote from my phone, tablet or laptop) to capture those musings that come flashing through every now and again.
  • To write seriously, meaning not just blog posts, lengthy emails, clever Tweets or Facebook statuses. Something serious like articles for a newsletter, meaty blog posts full of information to share.
  • Set specific goals such as one article per week to share via social media.
  • READ! This has fell by the way last year. I find that if I read I write. I love self-help books, business books, reading new author’s books, even a novel now and then. Anything that gets my keyboard clacking!

By actually carving out time to write, just sitting down and writing anything sometimes, I move closer to creating something meaningful and useful to share.


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